Kunsthal Aarhus offers art theoretical and discussion-based educational tours based on the current exhibitions for both primary schools and youth education. The tours are held in Danish. Contact us if you wish to request a guided tour in English.

Contact Kunsthal Aarhus at to learn more about current and upcoming tours/workshops.

Download educational material for the exhibitions here.

Guided tour for schools: 600 DKK

The open kunsthal

In 2024, Kunsthal Aarhus started the project The open kunsthal, which is aimed at high school students in the Aarhus area. The project experiments with the way we talk about and understand contemporary art. High school classes can book free guided tours, courses and workshops in the kunsthal from August and throughout the year. The project is currently scheduled to run for the rest of 2024.

  • Guided tour: customized dialogue-based tour with a focus on an inclusive, investigative and reflective approach to the encounter with art. Duration: 50 min.
  • Course: tailor-made course that through dialog, discussion and small creative tasks will activate students and their creative thinking. Duration: 1 hour.
  • Workshop: exhibition-specific workshop where the exhibition will be opened up through creative tasks and co-creation facilitated by an art educator. Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The open kunsthal is generously supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

Guided tours and educational programs

Kunsthal Aarhus offers guided tours and educational programs for primary schools. Read more about the different programs here or contact to book a tailor-made program.

Primary and secondary schools in Aarhus Municipality can apply for reimbursement via ULF. You can expect to be reimbursed for guided tours, whereas there may be a co-payment for workshops.

The application process is as follows:
1) The school books the program with Kunsthal Aarhus
2) Seven days before the program, the school fills out this form
3) The school receives an invoice from Kunsthal Aarhus
4) ULF refunds the amount to the school every six months