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With the PERFORMANCE LITERATURE event series, the poetry reading is presented as a unique happening relating with its own equipment and expression to the work of the authors. For the sixth event you’ll encounter the poets, Julie Gufler, Andreas Pedersen, and Christoffer Thunbo Pedersen.

Julie Gufler (b. 1983) has published poems in the magazine Victor B. Andersens Maskinfabrik and Forfatterskolens Afgangsantologi and has furthermore translated the French author Marcel Schwob's novel The Book of Monelle into Danish. Gufler’s poems show a sensitive interest in the symbol – the onion, the rose, the heart, the forehead etc. – but the meaning of the symbols is not, as traditionally considered, fixed, or already given measurements. Rather, they should be attributed a more independent role as characters in a chamber play set in the space of e.g., a morning situation or a kitchen.

Andreas Pedersen (b. 1990) made his debut with Fryden in 2016, where the poems are presented with a quiet, yet hovering sense of rapture. The poems take place in the small shifts that emerge between everyday situation, memory, and imagination. Through very precise and beautiful descriptions of family life, home, love, traveling, grief, care and stagnation, the texts try to approach a way of talking about the strange and affectionate state of emotion of joy referred to in the book title.

Christoffer Thunbo Pedersen (b. 1989) made his debut with Throughout Days of Elder and Thorn and in May he released his second book, At the Gate over the Bridge to the Hallways. In his debut the poems aim to make themselves open as a field where different people and creatures can meet and move around each other across the borders of mythological and religious spaces. In both of his books, the texts are interested in the evocation of a feeling of falling unfolding in the unpolluted moment between being surprised by something unexpected or immediately incomprehensible and the reconsideration of oneself.

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The event is part of the project Performance literature: stage and archive. Throughout various initiatives the project aims to investigate what poetry readings can state as a literary form of expression, and the project ensures that the reading is documented and preserved for posterity.

The project is funded by The Danish Art Foundation and Aarhus Kommune and is carried out in collaboration with KUNSTHAL AARHUS and the Royal Danish Library.

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