03:59:59: GO EXTREME Running Symphony by KH Marie Studio with Kristina Schou Madsen & Stine Rex

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On the 2nd of September Kh Marie Studio created a unique marathon concert as part of GO EXTREME. The two runners Kristina Schou Madsen and Stine Rex each ran a marathon on treadmills, while musicians Marie Koldkjær Højlund, Steffen Lundtoft and Kenneth Nørby Andersen create a sound work based on the runner’s physical achievements. With the experiment 03:59:59 Kh Marie Studio explored how running affects music and vice versa.

The sound work has now been installed on a treadmill in the heart of GO EXTREME’S own gym EXTREME FITNESS. Run by Kunsthal Aarhus on Friday the 29th of October to experience – or re-experience - 03:59:59, a Running Symphony.

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