Debate: Samling

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Art Weekend Aarhus is an opportunity to celebrate art and the artists, see exhibitions and network. But what is left behind. When the party is over? At the event SAMLING, the Aarhus Center for Visual Art tunes in on the permanent imprint of art, namely the art preserved in the museum collection. At the event, we will discuss the extent to which the collections represent contemporary practices and artists.

There has been focus on a distortion of representation in relation to one parameter in particular, i.e. gender. However, to what extent do the collections fulfil their mandate to be representative in relation to other parameters, such as diversity in relation to the identity of artists and practice. What are the challenges the museums are facing in order to keep up with the changing trend that characterises contemporary art, and to what extent are economic considerations decisive for the content of the collections?

"SAMLING" is a concept we know from daycare institutions, and it is with the same intention to sit down and talk together, that six artists and art historians meet in three collegial-moderated conversations of every half an hour. The interview is based on representation in collections viewed in the light of various forms of practice, economy and diversity among artists.

The participants are Aysha Amin, artist and organiser, Laila Lund Altinbas, art historian, Anna Krogh, director of Sorø Art museum, Lise Klou, visual artist, the Danish Arts Foundation Scholarship and Procurement Committee as well as the artists, Abdul Dube and Anders Visti. The interviews are moderated by Line Sandvad Mengers from the Aarhus Center for Visual Art.