GO EXTREME BIO: Finding Traction at Øst for Paradis

Finding Traction
Finding Traction

GO EXTREME presents the film about the American running phenomenon Nikki Kimball. The film is introduced by Kimball's Danish colleague, the ultrarunner Stine Rex Madsen in conversation with GO EXTREME-project manager Peter Ole Pedersen.

Finding Traction follows the phenomenon of Nikki Kimball in her attempt to become the fastest to complete one of the most extreme races in the world, the 350 km long long Trail in Vermonts Mountains in the north-east of the USA. What drives a woman into such a superhuman project? How does she train and mentally prepare herself for the brutal hardships that await her? Can science shed light on the mechanisms that drive Nikki?

With the insistent camera, the film focuses on the main protagonist throughout the whole stage, and includes the evolutionary biologist and the runner Bernd Heinrich ('Why We Run') in the discussion. And it offers striking images from the route in the beautiful, rugged nature.