GO EXTREME performance: The Meatlump

Free entry

NB: Tickets are required - https://billetto.dk/e/go-extreme-performance-the-meatlump-billetter-585554

Join us when a week's preparation culminates and the performance group The Meatlump presents a dance performance that is specially adapted to the GO EXTREMEs own martial arts arena.

“The Meatlump” is a moving organism made up of three bodies - consisting of the dancers Julie Rasmussen, Maren Fidje Bjørneseth and Rickard Fredborg - who share a common will, power, love and destructiveness. The Meatlump explores our perception of what the body is through a new, complex physicality that is absurd and dangerous, yet humorous and caring.


The meatlump is an organism, a creature, an unidentifiable
blob of flesh.

The meatlump is a state of mind, a character, a
way of life.

The meatlump is an intention, a feeling, a universe
within itself.

There is a little meatlump in all of us.