GO EXTREME x VOXHALL: Natalie Bergman

  • 140 kr.

American Natalie Bergman is a dynamic singer-songwriter who embraces both jazz and soul, rock and gospel. The concert is arranged in collaboration with Voxhall.

The doors open at 8pm. Buy your ticket on Voxhall's website or at the door. Buy ticket.

The GO EXTREME arena has the potential to host more than martial art. GO EXTREME is teaming up with Alter, Voxhall and Det Knuste Øre to present a string of extreme concerts in the arena during the autumn of 2021. We want to strengthen the relationship between contemporary art and music in Aarhus and disrupt conventional art and concert experiences.

The ambition is to create an experience in which no art form overshadows the other. We wish to create dynamic experiences in which art, music and martial arts come together.

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