GO EXTREME BIO: Crystal Voyager

Language: English

GO EXTREME, together with the cinema Øst for Paradis, welcomes you to the documentary classic about the surfing legend George Greenough. TICKETS

The classic surfer movie Crystal Voyager premiered in Sydney's famous, wave-shaped opera house in December 1973, where it played too full houses before it took the film festival in Cannes by storm. Through spectacular images and music, the film conveys how it REALLY is to be hooked on crystalline water masses and white topfoam. For the surfers, a greater high than drugs!

We are in a time where the freedom ideals set the agenda for the youth rebellion. Where the beaches were white and clean, and the girls were brown and bikini clad. Where the hair was long, and how incisive beat music set the tone for a life in carefree. The film focuses on the legend George Greenough, who is building a boat that can't sink, so he can sail to impassable shores in the hunt for the perfect wave. The final is an unforgettable 23-minute glide through the midst of a series of swells, shot with the Greenough's special build camera and with Pinks Floyds 'Echoes' on the soundtrack. Rock 'n' Roll!