Readings with Madame Nielsen and Ida Marie Hede: Catalog celebration in collaboration with Antipyrine for ‘Museum of the future’

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Museum of the future

Get a free copy of the exhibition catalogue and hear readings by Madame Nielsen and Ida Marie Hede followed by a conversation between the authors and the catalog's editors.

Museum of the Future is accompanied by an extensive catalogue, investigating the paradoxical combination of “museum” and “future” of the exhibition title. In text and image, fiction and conversation, the catalogue visits the Museum of the Future in Dubai; describes the museum as a haunted house; analyzes art as a revolutionary meta-tool; proposes the contemporary museum institution as a refuge for decolonial, feminist, and interspecies practices of care in the present; and turns the archival politics of the museum from the past to utopian futures. Along the way, the reader will meet characters like the rematerialized bust of King Frederik V, Stonehenge, a mime in drapes, living SCOBY, prehistoric fossils, and the Neo Scandinavian Man.

In addition to interviews with the participating artists of the exhibition, Studio ThinkingHand, Helene Nymann, Ferdinand Ahm Krag and director Christian Lollike, and a handful of translated theoretical texts, the catalogue counts original literaty contributions by writers Madame Nielsen, Ida Marie Hede, and Center for Militant Futurology.

On Sunday 18 September we invite you to a celebration of the catalog, where you can get a free copy, drink a glass and hear readings by Ida Marie Hede and Madame Nielsen. Co-editor Mathias Kokholm also presents the Center for Militant Futurology's contribution "The Planetary Futuseum." The day ends with a conversation between Hede, Nielsen, Kokholm, and PhD student Anders Thrue Djurslev, who has curated Museum for the Future and edited the catalog together with Mathias Kokholm.

Museum of the Future is a co-production between Kunsthal Aarhus, Sort/Hvid and Aarhus Teater, opening in Kunsthal Aarhus August 31-September 24. The exhibition opens to small teams of guests every hour, beginning at 3 pm, 4 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm and 7 pm each day. The experience lasts an hour. Tickets are available through Aarhus Teater’s website,

The exhibition catalogue is published in a collaboration between Antipyrine, Sort/Hvid and Kunsthal Aarhus with support from the New Carlsberg Foundation and the Danish Arts Council.

Museum for fremtiden
Anders Thrue Djurslev og Mathias Kokholm (Eds.)
Antipyrine, 2022

Conbributions by
Boris Groys, Madame Nielsen, Ida Marie Hede, Center for Militant Futurology, Françoise Vergès, Mela Dávila Freire, Tobias Rahim, Petra Kleis, Ferdinand Ahm Krag, Helene Nymann, Studio ThinkingHand, Christian Lollike & Anders Thrue Djurslev

Cover illustration: Wrong Studio / Jess Andersen
Renditions: Jonathan Svante Hjorth
Organization: Mathias Kokholm
Printed with Lars & Krabbesholm Serif.
Press: Specialtrykkeriet, Skive, Denmark
ISBN: 978-87-7584-003-8

1st Edition