Release concert: Orsa

  • 50 kr.

Concert: 8 pm - 9 pm. (Doors open at 7 pm).
Ticket: 50 dkk

Guitarist Alfred Lykke and saxophonist Maria Dybbroe sounds like steelworks and forgotten songs. On the November 7, their first single 'Nasturtier' from the debut album Mnemosyne was published on Barefoot Records. On March 7, you can look forward to the album being published on vinyl and streaming, which is celebrated with a small-scale release tour in Denmark's two large cities. As a duo, Orsa explores the span between the sparse and the explosive – the poetic and the abstract. Each of them is known from bands such as Iomfro, Caktus, Køs, Maraton and Natlyst and has a strong common love for free improvisation.

Orsa's debut album consists of 13 freely improvised vignettes recorded in three very different spaces – a kaleidoscope of small short numbers with different moods mixed by Jens Ramon. Named after the Greek goddess and mother of muses, 'Mnemosyne', the album is a tribute to creating and to the creative. Through intense sensory perception and a strong imagination, the music is created in the moment – without a template or agreements. It is a magical experience. Almost occult. A caterpillar unfolds its wings. Like the butterfly, the free improvisation is both easy and playful, but also perishable and fragile.