SKAF #2: Fayeza Ghah Pour, Raman Nasirizadeh and Bananskolen

Free entry

The event does not require registration.

SKAF - Sammenslutning af Kunstaktører i Aarhus for Flygtninge (SKAF - The Arts Association in Aarhus for Refugees) was founded in March 2022 by some twenty art institutions and art collectives in Aarhus that compose the large section of the professional art scene active in the municipality. SKAF offers infrastructure and resources to refugees, and holds activist events with this topic as a focus.

As the second event in a series of events that will take place throughout 2022 and 2023, SKAF has in collaboration with the Exhibition Center Spanien19C invited Fayeza Ghah Pour, Raman Nasirizadeh and a group of students from Bananskolen’s art activist line.

The event features poems, magic and performance, a folk dance from Kurdistan, and a discussion of topics such as asylum center systems, states, solidarity, mobility, methods, and how the arts can

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About Bananskolen
Bananskolen was founded in 2017 and is a free art education based on the idea of unlimited art and knowledge. The school offers alternative exhibition courses to publicly authorized schools in practices that are not seen in primary schools, universities, or art academies. It offers, among other things, activities such as revolution fitness and concerts.

Photo: Bananskolen.
Photo: Bananskolen.