Concert with Lihme

  • 50 kr.

Join us when singer, songwriter and producer Lihme, who has just released her debut album, visits Kunsthal Aarhus together with composer and pianist Louise Schrøder.

On the debut album ”Solid | Soft” Lihme focuses on unhealthy relations and claims the right to say “It’s you, not me”. She explores the strength in fragility and the solidness in the softness through the text and sound universe on the album.

→ Concert starts at 7 pm

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Lihme (Silje Marie) and Louise Schrøder have entered into a unique collaboration interpreting songs from "Solid | Soft". With piano and vocals as the starting point for the musical collaboration, they create an atmospheric fusion of Lihme's Oh Land inspired quirky pop and Schrøder's Nordic jazzy Niels Frahm vibes. Both artists work with the unpredictability of nature as an element in their music lyrically, compositionally and production-wise, and this angle forms a thematic and performative coherence in their concert format. Their performance is also characterised by Lihme's self-built synthesizer, which adds unusual electronic fragments to the soundscape and a beautiful visual side to the performance, as the synthesizer plays by moving sand across an illuminated surface.

Lihme writes alluring indie pop with influences from music luminaries such as Lykke Li, Feist and Lydmor. She moves in a sonic landscape where hand-played instruments, electronic input and an organic aesthetic are given free rein in combination with her warm Nordic sound and cold synths. The album ”Solid | Soft” is a collaboration between Lihme, producer Esben Inglev [Rigmor, Who Killed Bambi, Lowly] and drummer and producer Steffen Lundtoft [Lowly]. Their common goal has been to create a versatile indie pop album with songs that create a party in everyday life as well as songs that delve into difficult emotions.

In 2018, Lihme released her first self-produced single "Free Fall", which was praised by music magazine Gaffa, among others:
"Attention has already begun to move towards the female singer-songwriter from Aarhus [...] The profound and melancholic pop universe is running at full throttle and is caressed by the soft voice, which reflectively sings about topics you can relate to".

Since her debut concert in August 2018, she has played a large number of concerts in Denmark, including Aarhus Festuge, the venue Train, Grimfest and at the venue Radar. She has also been on tour in Germany with the German artist Johanna Amelie in May 2022, where she played at Gretchen in Berlin. Most recently, Lihme played at Uhørt festival for the festival's 10th anniversary in 2022.

Lihme's debut EP “Songs To Wear” was released in 2020. The EP's soundscapes unfold in an intimate setting, created by sparse and well-chosen instrumentation with vocals and bass at the centre. From these two main elements grow the EP's six songs, whose strengths emerge precisely because of the fragility and sincerity inherent in using few musical instruments.
Bands of Tomorrow wrote about the EP: "This release is packed with alluring and heartfelt indie pop with a Nordic touch."

Image: Lihme, Solid | Soft album cover art, 2023. Photos: Katrine Noer.
Image: Lihme, Solid | Soft album cover art, 2023. Photos: Katrine Noer.
Image: Lihme, 2023. Photo: Katrine Noer.
Image: Lihme, 2023. Photo: Katrine Noer.