Project Café

Free entry

Project Café is a concept for young creators who need a community and space to meet and work.

Every Wednesday, you will be able to show up at the long table in Café Kunsthal and work on your project. Here you can engage in discussions with others at the table who are also working on a project. You can also use the time to concentrate on your work and tap into the productive energy.

The event is targeted at young people who are working on something outside of an institution. But there are no requirements for what kind of project you have to work on. It can be writing a poetry anthology, applying for funding, developing ideas or anything else.

We hope to meet, use each other's resources and feel less alone in our independent processes.

Project Café offer:
Filter coffee for 15 kr. and 10% discount on espresso coffee for all participants, and every 6th cup for free.