Workshop: The Gathering of Dumpling Enthusiasts

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As artists participating in Act 3 of the exhibition Minimalism-Maximalism-Mechanissmmm, The Dumpling Club is a Dutch artist collective that, for the exhibition, has realised a cooking video that features a selection of the recipes that they have developed so far.

As an artist group, their mission is simple: to gather dumpling enthusiasts, make and eat dumplings together. From Xiaolong Bao to Pierogi, from Ravioli to Gyoza, the artists host dumpling gatherings in various formats, from workshops to spontaneous meetings to competitions. They welcome all recipes from different cultures: even though fillings may separate us, they believe we all share a rich collective history around these recipes.

On Saturday 7 January, 11 am - 17 pm

Everyone, from self-proclaimed experts to amateurs, is welcome to join the artists on Saturday 7 January 2023 to fold, cook and eat dumplings together. During the workshop, they will share the collected and brought recipes in The Dumpling Club and also make some of them with you! They are also very curious about your favourite recipes.


Members of The Dumpling Club are Pete Fung, Margriet Craens and Lucas Maassen, who live and work in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. They share a great enthusiasm for dumplings that led them to initiate their collective as a social community to share dumpling recipes, cook and eat them. The Dumpling Club is an ongoing project within the framework of Residency For The People, a residency project in Eindhoven by Lucas Maassen welcoming artists, designers or writers as a home and a bar. Craens loves eating and cooking in general and in particular learning new things about food and sharing about it. She also makes sure that enough dumplings are produced so that guests at the bar can always taste them. Growing up eating dumplings in Hong Kong, Fung worked as a social designer helping to create the series of dumplings collections and how to collect the recipes.

Courtesy: The artists
Courtesy: The artists