Afgang 2024: JesperPer – Et J Taler Ud

Free entry
Language: Danish

In the interactive role-playing book JesperPer the audience takes the role of JesperPer, an eccentric farmer's son who, motivated by his megalomaniacal family trauma, wants to get all the attention. The player moves through the universe of self-denial, where JesperPer must travel from the countryside to the city to regain attention through monologues and endless self-righteousness.

As riders of the passage, the audience will play their way through the different scenarios of the book over two evenings. The audience collectively determines the direction of our protagonist. It is the audience who will ultimately decide JesperPer's fate through dice rolls and important decisions.

The two game sessions will take place in Gallery 2 at Kunsthal Aarhus, staged in Benjamin Asger Krog Møller's installation De lånt fjer, which in gestures as bombastic as JesperPer's maps an individual artist's life as an artist encircled by various institutional and familial image streams. The roleplaying game is part of the performative programme at this year's graduation exhibition Passage by Naja Zethner and Benjamin Asger Krog Møller.

The two game sessions takes place on May 14th and May 16th, between 3 and 5:30 pm. Should the audience lose the game during the first session, we will stop and start again on the 16th.

The visual artists Gustav Hooge & Selina Rom Andersen are behind the role-playing book, and they will act as gamemasters during the two sessions.

Image: Courtesy of Gustav Hooge & Selina Rom Andersen.
Image: Courtesy of Gustav Hooge & Selina Rom Andersen.

It's free to attend, but we recommend that you secure your spot in the game session on Billetto.