Concert with DAMA DAMA

  • 50 kr.

Kunsthal Aarhus presents: concert with the band DAMA DAMA. Come and listen!

→ Concert starts at 8 pm

DAMA DAMA moves in the borderlands between the earthy and the abstract. The trio explores the boundaries of jazz through music based on concepts such as time, space, presence, silence, and noise. The audience is taken on a musical journey that through collective improvisation makes each concert unique.

The 3 musicians come from different corners of the Danish jazz scene and are known from "I Think You're Awesome", "SVIN" and "Fantasilaboratoriet". In DAMA DAMA, they gather around their love of improvisation, the intuitive, honest, and beautiful.

Concerts with DAMA DAMA range from the introspective and poetic to the exuberant and groovy. They draw on both Scandinavian and American jazz as well as European classical music - spiced with avant-garde elements. At the concert, they will play music from their debut album, their upcoming album, and free improvisations.

Line-up: Dan Hjorth (pno), Jens Mikkel Madsen (bs), Thomas Eiler (drm).

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