03:59:59: GO EXTREME Running Symphony by KH Marie Studio w/ Kristina Schou Madsen & Stine Rex


03:59:59 is a running symphony that investigates the relationship between art and extreme sports. An experiment that explores how running and music affect one another while the concert evolves live on-site through the interaction of marathon runners and musicians.

The concert emerges from an interplay between the ultra runners Kristina Schou Madsen and Stine Rex, who are running a marathon on treadmills, and the composers and musicians Marie Koldkjær Højlund, Steffen Lundtoft, and Kenneth Nørby Andersen.

It is an exchange of tempo, dynamics, pulse, and atmosphere while we live through the different phases that the marathon runners go through: The Flow, The Crisis, The Heroine, and The Hunter.

03:59:59 is an extremely unique experience, where the audience are invited to live the experiment right next to the musicians and runners.


Date/Place: Thursday, September 2nd in Den Rå Hal, Godsbanen (Aarhus)

Tickets: Gratis adgang

Runners: Kristina
Schou Madsen
Stine Rex

KH Marie
Steffen Lundtoft Jensen
Kenneth Nørby Andersen
Klaus Q Hedegaard Nielsen

Yaw Darko

Mads Buus

Christine Byriel

Kunsthal Aarhus and curator Peter Ole Petersen / Aarhus Festuge

The event is sponsored by Abilica Online

Photo Martin Dam Kristensen
Photo Martin Dam Kristensen
Photo: Martin Dam Kristensen
Photo: Martin Dam Kristensen