Photo: Enneke Hempen
Photo: Enneke Hempen
Photo: Enneke Hempen
Photo: Enneke Hempen

When was the last time you pushed beyond your limits? Felt the rush through your body? Gone to extremes?

Welcome to GO EXTREME in Kunsthal Aarhus: The worlds of artists and extreme sportsmen come together in a groundbreaking and innovative exhibition between the creative and the commercial, the entertaining and the existential.

In the exhibition, you can experience works created by Danish and foreign artists. Works that thematises the relationship between body and mind and the human pursuit of extraordinary performance.

Move into the three parts of the exhibition: ANATOMY OF THE EXTREME, BODIES AND BEYOND and EXTREME FITNESS. Meet or take an active part in artworks in interaction with everything from martial arts, ultra running, body building and E-sport.

Try an extreme fitness centre, while electronic tunes from the turntablism wizards Den Sorte Skole pumps out. Let yourself be swallowed up by a video installation where Mixed Martial Arts and a medieval war intercorrelate, or how about you try to fight in an MMA arena. Feel the virtual world in a total scenography of a Counter Strike universe. Climb a psychedelic artwork or scratch the exhibition room and summon a special scent. Mirror yourself in the human body's most unusual and disturbing sides fully fleshed out. Meet robots built from exercise machines and say hello to the body icon of all, Arnold Schwarzenegger in a 1:1 double sculpture.

Go Extreme contains all that and much more. With this, we believe that the GO EXTREME rather than a traditional exhibition should be seen as a festival under constant development, which offers you a range of everything from film screenings and talks with extreme sports athletes and artists to a marathon concert, intense breathing workshops and the Danish Championsship in MMA.

When you enter GO EXTREME, you enter a single, vast, vibrant space where uncompromising effort, a yearning for freedom, obsession, achievement, ecstasy and pain coexist.

Artists and extreme sports athletes in Go Extreme

Body Worlds, Sissel Tolaas, Lea Guldditte Hestelund, Trisha Cheeney, Den Sorte Skole, Søren Thilo Funder, Mauro Andrizzi, Ditte Gantriis, Laura Guiseppi, Jonas Pihl, Andreas Johnsen & Mik Stampe Fogh, Plethora Magazine, Stine Rex, Esben Seir, Casper Steinfath, Kristina Schou Madsen, Aarhus Fight Academy, Meat Lump, Julius César, Asger Juhl, Mikkel Haahr, Ellen Brennan og Marie Højlund/KH Marie.

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