GO EXTREME Breathing Workshop: I breath so I can Choose

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Language: Danish
  • 300 kr.

Esben Seir
Esben Seir

GO EXTREME invites you to a breathing workshop together with Esben Seir, a professional breath coach, life coach and yoga instructor. A workshop that creates change through therapeutic breathing and provokes an accessible room for self-development with focus on your mental strength and personal potential.

Would you like to develop? Are you curious about breathing and what it can do? Or do you feel that you have an undiscovered potential, but are unsure about how to get in touch with it?

This is a workshop where, with Esben Seir's words, you "look at life with a pure, honest gaze and specific, simple tools for change".

Content of the workshop:
- Breathing techniques, meditation and a pleasant movement, which lubricate the soul and body
- Inspiration for becoming aware of your habits and how you can take the lead in YOUR life. No Magic. No Short Cuts. No Fast Tricks, just inspiration and simple methods that work... If you actually use them
- Meditation
- Therapeutic breathing session which redeems trauma and releases your body of accumulated emotions.

The séance will initiate a process. So you have to dare to be courageous and thus vulnerable.

NB: Participants must not eat 2-3 hours before the event – this is important in relation to Esben's work with them.

You have to bring: Yoga mat, meditation/heavy pad for support, a blanket, water bottle and a diary for notes.
It is a good idea to arrive in good time as we start on time. It is also a good idea to wear clothes that give you freedom of movement.

Kunsthal Aarhus will then provide some snacks for participants in the form of an energy bar, a little fruit and a few dates. Of course, we will offer water to the participants during the event.

(We reserve the right to make sure that there are too few registrations, which will result in cancellation)

Esben Seir is passionate lifestyle climber and movement rebel. He is co-founder of MoveToGrow.dk and founder of NOGRAVITY.dk. He carries the title of Breath coach, Life coach and yoga instructor. He has been a national coach for the climbing national team. Among other things, he has worked with the Danish navy, the police, Greenpeace, Adidas and many other large and small companies.