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Esben Seir
Esben Seir

GO EXTREME invites you to a meditation workshop with Esben Seir, an professional breath coach, life coach and yoga instructor.

Meditation is more than just a relaxation technique. It is a way to increase self-understanding and to greater depth, quality and perspective in life. It is a method of expanding your awareness and seeing your potential as a human being.

At this meditation workshop with Esben Seir, you will simply try out some different meditation tecniques, which you can take home with you right away and start using. We will also talk about the different meditations with the option to ask if there is anything you are unsure about. Last but not least, it is a wonderful experience to meditate with others.

Esben Seir says about the workshop: "It's a jungle of information out there – and I'll try to cut through and simplify that. I take my point of departure in our tendency to believe that happiness is found in the world, in materialism, that science has all the answers. But it all exists, quite simply, inside you! You are the problem and, therefore, you are the one to solve it!"
You have to bring: Yoga mat, meditation/heavy pad for support, a blanket, water bottle and a diary for notes.
It is a good idea to arrive in good time as we start on time. It is also a good idea to wear clothes that give you freedom of movement.

Kunsthal Aarhus will then provide some snacks for participants in the form of an energy bar, a little fruit and a few dates. Of course, we will offer water to the participants during the event.

(We reserve the right to make sure that there are too few registrations, which will result in cancellation)

Esben Seir is passionate lifestyle climber and movement rebel. He is co-founder of MoveToGrow.dk and founder of NOGRAVITY.dk. He carries the title of Breath coach, Life coach and yoga instructor. He has been a national coach for the climbing national team. Among other things, he has worked with the Danish navy, the police, Greenpeace, Adidas and many other large and small companies.