Kunstsalon VISION - Salon Extreme


Art and extreme sport meet in a wild and existential rowing trip across the Pacific Ocean.

In connection with the award-winning exhibition GO EXTREME – which unites art and extreme sport at Kunsthal Aarhus – Kunstsalon VISION welcomes you to a conversation between the Danish filmmaker Mik Stampe Fogh, the American extreme sports athlete Terence Steinberg, and curator of GO EXTREME, Peter Ole Pedersen.

In the summer 2020 Terence Steinberg crossed the Pacific Ocean on a solo rowing trip between California and Hawaii. The artist Mik Stampe Fogh made sure that the journey was documented. Together with the film creator Andreas Johnsen, he has subsequently created the work ExoOdyssé – a sacral underwater cathedral that gives the public the opportunity to experience the spiritual, mythical and human aspects of extreme sport.

Based on both the final work and the journey across the Pacific, this edition of Kunstsalon VISION will open the dialogue between artist and extreme athlete and try to learn about the encounter between man and nature and between dream and reality.

There are only 25 tickets available. TICKETS. The event takes place in Kunsthal Aarhus' Gallery 3 – where ExoOdyssé is set up. 

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