Muay Thai Workshop – GO EXTREME!

Free entry
Photo Enneke Hempen
Photo Enneke Hempen

Have you ever practiced martial arts in an art exhibition?

Come to Kunsthal Aarhus and try Thailand's national martial arts, Muay Thai (pronounced "Mwøj taai").

In connection with the exhibition GO EXTREME, we invite you to an evening where you will get a special insight into the skills of martial arts and how to find your inner fighter. You will receive expert training and guidance in the exercises and techniques of martial arts. You will be trained by Mikkel Haahr, Muay Thai fighter and trainer at Aarhus Fight Academy. Suit up with sportswear and bring a drink bottle. It is possible to dress up in Kunsthal Aarhus and to have your things kept in locker rooms. During The workshop, the room is closed to other guests.

Date: 17/10 2021 Hours: 2 pm – 4 pm
Free admission for the event.
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The Workshop takes place in Gallery EXTREME FITNESS.
The event is sponsored by Aarhus Fight Academy and Aarhus Jiu-Jitsu.

As a participant, you are required to sign a disclaimer of liability. The contract is signed at Kunsthal Aarhus before the actual event.

Physical participation in this workshop is not risk-free and takes places in agreement with the participant’s choice and at their own risk. Kunsthal Aarhus has disproved responsibility for injury, personal injury or any loss that the audience may endure in connection with participation in the physical activities. Kunsthal Aarhus has no instructional powers over the trainers. Kunsthal Aarhus is not responsible for – and disclaims responsibility for – any actions and omissions that may be imposed, including any form of negligence by the participant.

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