Bulgarian choir concert with Sedjanka

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Get ready to experience Sedjanka's beautiful Balkan sound when the choir performs at Kunsthal Aarhus.

Sedjanka's repertoire consists of songs that originate from the vibrant Bulgarian musical tradition. The choir conveys these melodies with a powerful and sharp sound that is characteristic of the authentic Bulgarian singing style. We look forward to sharing this unique musical experience with you.


The Aarhus-based women's choir Sedjanka specializes in singing Bulgarian folk songs in modern polyphonic arrangements. The choir, consisting of 20 singers, has existed since 1994 and is led by the renowned Bulgarian-born conductor Michael Deltchev.

The choir improves its skills at workshops in Denmark and Bulgaria. Over the years, Sedjanka has given a large number of concerts in churches around Denmark, in Musikhuset in Aarhus, Aarhus Theater and Den sorte Diamant. The choir has also performed abroad, including in the Concert Hall of the Composers' Union in Sofia, Hamburg and Gothenburg. One of the highlights was when in 2014 the choir participated in the international choir festival "Chernomorski Zvutsi" in Balchik, Bulgaria, and won in the category "Best Folk Choir". Also in 2015, Sedjanka participated in a music festival in Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria. A great experience was when a choir with singers from both Sedjanka and its Swedish sister choir Perunika performed at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio for the university's annual celebration.

Michael Deltchev was educated at conservatories in Bulgaria and Scandinavia. In addition to Sedjanka, Michael Deltchev also directs a similar Bulgarian-singing choir, Perunika, in Stockholm. He also conducts the Cecilia Choir (Cæciliakoret) and Collegium Vokale and performs as a guest conductor for the choir of the Danish National Opera and at MGK (Musikalsk Grundkursus).
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Image: Portrait of Sedjanka. Courtesy of the choir.
Image: Portrait of Sedjanka. Courtesy of the choir.