KA Sound x Alter: Forlaget Kornmod

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KA Sound and Alter are proud to present an evening of concerts curated by the Danish publishing platform Forlaget Kornmod.
Since the founding in the summer of 2019, Forlaget Kornmod has been representatives on the Danish music scene with what they call "New Danish frevor ". With over 75 releases in their catalogue, they provide a diverse insight to a constantly evolving music scene.
At this event they present a small selection of their catalog: concerts with Alba Liv, Franciska & Emilie, Bysund and Jakob Folke Ivarsson.

Alba liv is an artist, with a multifaceted and wayward practice that spans music, painting, performance, etc. As a musical artist, she debuted with a self-publishing in 2019, and later physically in 2020 at Forlaget Kornmod, of which she is now an active member. Her early releases are predominantly minimalist compositions for manipulated real sounds and spartan acoustic instrumentation. Since then she has with multiple releases slowly moved towards a more traditional songwriting, which, however, is still largely based on compositional approaches from various forms of experimental music. The early sense of electronic manipulation has since developed into an interest in CD manipulation. Alba's life's songs draw both inspiration from fragile songwriters such as Vashti Bunyan, and the dreamy drive of 90s shoegaze and dreampop.
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Franciska & Emilie presents a minimalist but slightly chaotic concrete music/sound collage, with inspiration from early classical music, electroacoustic music and textural noise. Franciska & Emilie will perform a longer composition of tape, electronics and real sound at the event.
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In under 2 short years, Karl EZ Hansen, under the name Bysund has made quite the name for himself with a steady accumulation of noise - already having multiple releases, both physical and digital, under his belt, released on his label of the same name: Bysund, has been compared to the likes of Iannis Xenakis, Etant Donnés, and Puce Mary. Like the comparisons, the music of Bysund rummages about the sonic signs and signifiers"" of industrial, drone, and music concrete.
A marred cogency turns towards a complete abstraction.
In the live setting, Bysund brings his whole catalog to a dissecting table, picking apart, recombining, and electrocuting a stygian abyss of sonic objects, hacked to oblivion and redelivered like arcane code: a transient in the hideaway’s hallowed hallways, only able to squint at the haunted machinery through the thick cloud of foul smelling air that permeates secret meeting places.
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With his fascination for fragile textures, sparse harmonies and sounds that everyday surround us like blankets, Jakob Folke Ivarsson creates an inverted sound hierarchy where you are invited to listen into the atypical, as being the beautiful.
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