Simon Dybbroe Møller’s Film Club Lifeblood

Free entry

Simon Dybbroe Møller is currently showing his solo exhibition "Hypnic Jerk" at Kunsthal Aarhus and now invites all interested to attend the event "Film Club Lifeblood".

“Film Club Lifeblood” presents a screening curated by Erdal Bilici, Lukas Danys, Furkan Dönmezer, Maja Li Härdelin, Johan Bech Jespersen, Niels Østergaard Munk, Mikkeline Lerche Daa Natorp, Aske Thiberg, and Sylvester Vogelius.

➡ Participation is free, but we recommend securing a seat by taking out a free ticket on Billetto.

At the heart of our self-image lies the assumption that the human being is more than the animal and other than the machine. One such machine is the camera. We mirror ourselves in the camera, identify with it, oppose it, we objectify and negotiate each other through it. The camera is an automaton epitomizing human anatomy.

The camera demands to be pointed at something – it needs a motif. That motif is very often an animal or a human body. But also the camera begs to be pointed back at itself. This machine; this child of the industrial revolution, needs to be negotiated in relation to its own ancestry.

In this edition of “Film Club Lifeblood” curated by Maja Li Härdelin, Johan Bech Jespersen, Mikkeline Lerche Daa Natorp, Aske Thiberg and Sylvester Vogelius, we will show footage by people who have used the camera to look at themselves, at other humans or at the human as such; we will look at artists who have used photographic machines to look at other machines and we will engage moving images where the camera has been deployed to look at the animal “other”.

We believe that the camera is a choreography machine. We believe that it is more than a surrogate; that Jaques Brel is really addressing the machine when he looks into its lens and sings “Ne me quitte pas.”

We believe that, we are not, as Richard Brautigan once wishfully imagined, “watched over by machines of loving grace”. Rather we are feeding a machine – and the machine eats images.
We believe that the camera is an analogy machine. We believe that our escaped grey childhood rabbit, curling up to hide, in that short moment, was neither animal nor boulder.

Welcome to Film Club Lifeblood.