Afgang 2024: Reading by Naja Zethner & Benjamin Asger Krog Møller

Free entry
Language: Danish

Join us for a reading by participating artists in Afgang 2024: Passage Naja Zethner and Benjamin Asger Krog Møller. The artists will each read from their texts, which are part of this year's Graduation catalog - Zethner from O and Krog Møller from School art & Art schools.

It's free to attend, but we recommend securing a seat on Billetto.


Naja Zethner

Visual artist Naja Zethner works with painting and text, with which she investigates sensory impressions, scores, structure formation and imagings.
On soft cotton canvases and pages where language moves and breathes, a strongly formalist ambivalence is expressed in the translucent strokes and the words' body-poetic investigations of aesthetic phenomena.
As in a painter's exaggerated microscopy, the image is examined as a persistent living system, reflecting her engagement with contemporary ecology, choreography, image theory and culture.

Benjamin Asger Krog Møller

Benjamin Asger Krog Møller is a visual artist and idea-historian working with installation, text and collaborative work. In an artistic approach to extremal combinatorics, a distinctive intervening form of immanent institutional critique and all-encompassing slapstick archival aesthetics is created, which rummages in all forms of (visual) language, knowledge and text in both the digital and the analogue.
Remarkable artistic and idea-historical movements in an international, but especially also in a local Aarhusian perspective, are examined in various forms of institutionalization, interdisciplinary history falsification and sometimes chaos apocalyptic makings of fiction.
His work is made through countless group subjects and collaborations, including the outreaching book project school art & art schools (2019- Selina Rom Andersen, Lina Brogaard Ottosen, Maj Færgemann), The Institute of Emancipatory Science (2017–) and the artist group and anagram Computer Lars (2022- collaboration with the late French writer Marcel Proust), both of which are made with philosopher Asker Bryld Staunæs as well as Organ of The Autonomous Sciences (2020- Asker Bryld Staunæs, Tobias Dias), an extra-disciplinary collective for research, art and infrastructural organization.

The reading is co-organized by Det Jyske Kunstakademi.